Eco-Homes Sustainable Inspirations

Eco homes may be sustainable and environment-friendly, but they can also be stunning and appealing. Here are some design ideas you can consider when planning the layout and design of your eco home:
1. Green Retrofit
The project was done with the help of Permitted Development for Invisible Studio’s Piers Taylor. Before the retrofit construction, the structure used to be a dilapidated folly. Taylor opted to construct a timber frame extension 20 years back, and it has …

Choosing the Right Contractors for your Green Home

Despite the trend of many people going green in building or renovating their homes, it remains challenging to find reliable green pages or green home listings. It can be tricky to look for qualified people with experience who will handle the green home project.
Suppose you live in a region without clear listings of qualified professionals for the post. In that case, you can try looking for them online. Ensure that you limit your search to the area where you are situated.
Use related …

Ways to Properly Dispose of Construction Waste

Waste disposal seems to be an easy task, but few people take it seriously despite the gravity of its consequences. This is among the reasons why garbage remains a big problem in many places worldwide.
This also applies to the disposal of construction waste. You have to keep waste at a minimum, so you have to plan ahead on what to dispose of and what to recycle.

How to Choose the Right Air Filters in Furnaces for Your Home?

No matter how green your home is, you always have to find ways to keep the indoor air clean and healthy. To achieve this, you need to look for the right air filter with high efficiency for your ventilation systems and furnace.
Uses of Air Filters
Air filters purify and clean the air from handling units, including ERV and HRV systems and furnaces, before the air goes into the ducts of your house. This way, it helps prevent airborne particles from polluting your …

Design and Other Tips in Keeping Sustainable Homes

What’s the buzz about building environment-friendly eco-houses? Many people have realized the importance of building durable homes made from materials that won’t harm the environment through the years. These homes use sustainable materials, implement passive design principles and utilize energy-efficient sources, such as solar panels.
Here are some home designs you can gather ideas from in planning your own eco-home:
1. A bungalow in Mexico was renovated using …

Budget-Friendly Green Home Planning Tips

You can start building your dream green home even on a tight budget. Here are some tips to get you started:
1. Choosing suitable eco-friendly materials in building the structure
You have to be frank with your builders regarding your budget. This way, they can recommend building materials ideal for the project without going overboard. These materials are crucial for the house’s temperature and air quality. They will also ensure the structure’s …

Guide about Building Green Homes

Here are the basic guides you will need in planning, designing, building, and maintaining a green home:
Design and Planning
In planning, you have to ensure the structure you’d be making is sustainable and resilient. You have to know the kind of wood suitable for framing and other materials to use. You also have to be ready to suit the plan and design to your budget.
Building an energy-efficient home doesn’t have to be expensive. You…