Design and Other Ideas in Building Eco Houses

It is now possible and easier to build your own energy-efficient home. The designs also have many variations and are no longer confined to the typical green roof or timber claddings. There are construction components, including glazing, which allow the production of eco-homes with a variety of designs possible.
The Advantages of Using Timber Frame
This is a good option for frames used in building your eco home. Aside from durability, it offers high-…

Eco-Homes Sustainable Inspirations

Eco homes may be sustainable and environment-friendly, but they can also be stunning and appealing. Here are some design ideas you can consider when planning the layout and design of your eco home:
1. Green Retrofit
The project was done with the help of Permitted Development for Invisible Studio’s Piers Taylor. Before the retrofit construction, the structure used to be a dilapidated folly. Taylor opted to construct a timber frame extension 20 years back, and it has …

Design and Other Tips in Keeping Sustainable Homes

What’s the buzz about building environment-friendly eco-houses? Many people have realized the importance of building durable homes made from materials that won’t harm the environment through the years. These homes use sustainable materials, implement passive design principles and utilize energy-efficient sources, such as solar panels.
Here are some home designs you can gather ideas from in planning your own eco-home:
1. A bungalow in Mexico was renovated using …