Keeping Air Clean while Renovating

When you have home renovations, ensure that all family members stay safe throughout the process. Renovation requires cleaning, painting, installation, moving, and so on. All these will result in chemicals and dust particles in the air. If not protected, people exposed to the dirt can suffer from respiratory issues and aggravate existing conditions.

A Brief Guide to Non-Toxic and Natural Hemp Flooring

Hemp has been getting more attention because the search for sustainable building materials that are durable and eco-friendly is growing. In the first place, hemp is easy to grow. It only takes up to 120 days to plant and harvest the crop.
Since they are now widely used in constructing houses, they help in preserving other trees in the forests getting cut to supply the demand of the housing industry.
The Creation of Hemp Flooring
Hemp flooring is …

All About Non-Toxic Natural Wood Finishing Oil

A manufacturer from Quebec, Livos, focuses on making natural wood finishing oils made from all-natural materials, including plants. They offer healthy and sustainable products without using heavy metals to add color pigments.
These all-natural wood finishing oils are made from natural resins, including carnauba, beeswax, and damar combined with cold-pressed linseed oil. The final product is non-toxic and eco-friendly.
The Kunos oil, for example, is safe for newborns, …

Biophilic Interior Design – Tips to Create a Healthy Home Office

When you spend most of your time inside your home, whether it is by choice or a must to keep yourself safe, you have to ensure that your indoor environment is safe and healthy for everyone.
Biophilic Interior Design
Aside from being habitable, your home must feel like a solace you can seek to feel at ease. You can start by implementing the biophilic interior design in your home. The scheme focuses on using natural and sustainable materials to create a homey and calming space.