Waste disposal seems to be an easy task, but few people take it seriously despite the gravity of its consequences. This is among the reasons why garbage remains a big problem in many places worldwide.

This also applies to the disposal of construction waste. You have to keep waste at a minimum, so you have to plan ahead on what to dispose of and what to recycle.

Here are some tips you can follow for efficient waste disposal of your construction waste:

  • Seal and insulate the windows using high-quality tapes and scraps of batt insulation instead of spray foam.
  • Know exactly the length of the flooring materials you need so you can avoid having excess that could end up in the bin.
  • It is not recommended to put drywall over the areas intended for windows.
  • Research about prefabricated wall solutions to ensure the conservation of materials.
  • For lumber, you can order for the pre-cut types. They will save you time, and you are assured of the measurements since they come from the suppliers.
  • In planning your house, keep in mind the sizes of each room with the goal of reducing waste.

Dispose or Reuse?

When building a house, it is likely to gather excess construction materials that you can either dispose of or reuse. Think about the following before deciding which option to choose:

  • Place toxic materials and anything that cannot be recycled in a container for easy disposal.
  • Segregate your waste – recyclables to keep, recyclables to dispose of, and non-recyclables.
  • You can post the excess construction materials you will no longer use online. There may be people who need them who can pick them up. Some samples of these items include old windows, roofing materials, cabinetry, floorboards, and pieces of drywall.
  • You can repurpose framing lumber and other building materials in good condition.

After compiling the waste you need to dispose of, you can look for municipal or private recycling centers to get rid of them. If you are collecting green certifications, you have to request the center to give a report about how much of the waste went to a landfill and how much of it was recycled.

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