No matter how green your home is, you always have to find ways to keep the indoor air clean and healthy. To achieve this, you need to look for the right air filter with high efficiency for your ventilation systems and furnace.

Uses of Air Filters

Air filters purify and clean the air from handling units, including ERV and HRV systems and furnaces, before the air goes into the ducts of your house. This way, it helps prevent airborne particles from polluting your indoor air. It has been proven that pollen, dirt, and dust in the air can affect one’s health and aggravate existing respiratory conditions.

High-quality air filters can also get rid of viruses or prevent contaminants from the outside from filling your home. While they are effective, it is important to change your air filters every three months or every few weeks, depending on the air quality in your area. You can also check the handling unit you’re using regarding its recommendation on how often you should replace the filters.

Choosing the Right Product

If you have no significant issues with air quality, you should choose the kind of filter suited to your air handling unit. Aside from keeping a well-balanced ventilation system, you must always check that your ducts are clean.

If you are in search of higher-grade options, you can choose to buy SMART air filters. Since they are connected to your phones, you can constantly monitor and check the air quality inside and outside your home. You will get notifications on your phone if anything doesn’t seem right, so you can do something about the problem before it gets worse. It is also easy to order a replacement for this kind of product since it has an app where you can choose the type and size you need before ordering.

What About Plants?

Do not entrust the cleanliness of your indoor air to plants. While they help remove air contaminants, you have to place many plants indoors to make it happen. And besides, plants don’t purify the air, which the air filters effectively do. So instead of turning your indoor into a jungle, you simply have to buy a good air filter and change it regularly.

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